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Designing Holiday Decor at the Colorado Governor's Residence

For four years,  from Nov. 2009 through Nov. 2012, I was invited to design and curate the holiday installations at the Colorado Governor's Residence at the Boettcher Mansion.

Each year carried a different theme, such as 

"A Colorado Christmas, 1909", "Holiday Heritages"--a collaboration with author Helen Thorpe--celebrating the diverse holiday traditions of the people of Colorado, and the year 2012, when we honored Colorado artists.

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Victorian Inspired Ornaments

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Papier Mache Headgear of the Future

Inspired by 1950's B sci-fi movies and 1960's  sci-fi television shows,  'Papier Mache Headgear of the Future"  is an after school art workshop that I teach to elementary school students.  Each student creates their "headgear" from recyclable paper products  from  home----cardboard boxes, packaging, newspapers, toilet paper rolls, etc...  Other than constructing a functional framework that can be worn, the project has no design limitations.

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